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Moscow wins big in sham elections in Ukraine’s occupied regions

As Moscow seeks to ‘save’ parts of Ukraine, over 194,000 Russian nationals have fled to neighbouring countries in the week since President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilisation of reservists.

‘Rape, torture, executions’: UN investigators document Russian war crimes

A report from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights found rights violations had occurred on both sides - but acts by Russian forces far outweighed those committed by Ukrainian forces.

Pop singer Shakira to face trial over tax fraud in Spain

Shakira, 45, has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and rejected a deal with authorities to avoid going to trial.

As Putin desperately mobilises, hope is not a valid option for the West

Those who hope for an end of Putin as a result of the Russian mobilisation debacle rest their case on slim evidence and lots of soothsaying.

Bali bomb maker breaks down, begs forgiveness from widow of victim

As the Indonesian government decides whether to grant Umar Patek an early release from prison, he has pleaded his case directly to the wife of a Sari Club bartender.

Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline gas leaks in Baltic Sea trigger sabotage probe

Nord Stream AG, the operator of the network, said three offshore lines of the Nord Stream gas pipeline system sustained “unprecedented” damage in one day.

A confident Keir Starmer sets out plans to make Britain a ‘green, growth superpower’

UK Labour leader Keir Starmer said: “the road to net zero ... is at the heart of modern 21st Century aspiration. Green and growth don’t just go together, they’re inseparable.”

US pushes for AUKUS acceleration as China’s fleet looms

Tony Abbott has called for new submarines to be delivered as soon as possible as Anthony Albanese and US Vice President Kamala Harris meet in Tokyo.

‘Man of steel’ Abe towers over Japanese politics during controversial farewell

After three months of protest and bitter debate, Japan has finally farewelled its longest-serving prime minister.

NASA flies unmanned spacecraft into an asteroid

NASA has purposefully flown an unmanned spacecraft into an asteroid in a new experiment.

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