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Donald Trump sighted after indictment

The former US President has been spotted waving to supporters outside his golf club in Florida.

Donald Trump releases video message addressing indictment

The former US President has issued a video message, after releasing an initial statement where he called the indictment a "political persecution".

From penthouse to prison cell: the law catches up with billionaire associate of Steve Bannon

Fuelled by bravado, ruthlessness, a keen political antenna and alleged theft, Chinese property tycoon Guo Wengui moved in high circles.

Worries grow that Trump indictment will undermine public confidence

Legal experts fear it could distract public attention from the other cases more focused on attacks against the country’s democratic institutions and traditions.

Pope Francis leaves hospital after treatment for bronchitis, saying ‘I’m still alive’

Looking to show he was fully recovered, the Pope got out of his car before leaving the hospital grounds, using a walking stick to support himself.

Heart of US hit by tornadoes

The heart of the US has been hit by multiple deadly tornadoes, with the country's weather services receiving more than 50 reports of twisters.

Monster tornadoes spawned by supercell thunderstorms shred US homes

The destructive weather came as President Joe Biden toured the aftermath of a deadly tornado that struck in Mississippi one week ago.

Expecting war to last till mid-2024, Ukraine granted $172b loan to keep economy afloat

The IMF and international community funding package’s worst-case scenario assumes Russia’s war on its neighbour will last until late 2025.

‘Religious excuse’: Vatican claims popes were coerced into backing colonialism

Three papal documents of the 15th century gave rise to the Doctrine of Discovery, a concept that still provides a foundation for some property laws today.

‘Crystal clear’: Judge sends defamation case against Fox to trial

The ruling sets the stage for a trial in which Fox News stars such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and founder Rupert Murdoch, could be called to the stand.

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