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Jeffrey Epstein needed sex ‘about three times a day’, jury hears

Witness “Kate” told jurors she looked up to the Oxford-educated Ghislaine Maxwell, who boasted about being friends with people like Prince Andrew and Donald Trump.

Can Prince Harry’s rift with his father ever be healed?

The already fragile relationship between the heir to the throne and his youngest son appears at breaking point after Harry claimed he had raised concerns about Charles’ “cash for access” crisis.

Taiwan races to contain invasion -- of cane toads

The first reports of wild cane toad sightings surfaced a few weeks ago. Environmentalists warn that quick action is needed to ward off a full-on outbreak.

In ‘totally normal’ Britain, cocaine use reported in Parliament while PM goes on police drug raid

Drug detection wipes found traces of cocaine in places only accessible by MPs, including in a washroom near PM Boris Johnson’s parliamentary office.

Ukraine vows to fight off Russia, shows off military hardware

US President Joe Biden has pledged his “unwavering support” to Ukraine in its standoff with Moscow and will hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday AEDT.

‘We simply can’t do that’: US confirms diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

White House press secretary Jen Psaki says US athletes will continue to compete and will “have our full support,” but added “we will not be contributing to the fanfare of the games”.

South African data suggests Omicron patients are avoiding hospitalisation

South Africa’s surge in COVID-19 cases following the emergence of Omicron is yet to overwhelm hospitals, prompting cautious optimism that the new strain may cause only mild illness.

Aung San Suu Kyi sentenced to four years’ jail by Myanmar junta

A so-called statement of pardon was later issued stating that the Nobel laureate’s term had been halved and that she would be detained at her current location and not in prison.

US to announce diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

The Biden administration’s plan to freeze out China’s games paves the way for Australia and other nations to follow suit.

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