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Meta sued in excess of $150 billion for its role in Rohingya genocide

Facebook has been accused of using algorithms that amplified hate speech and failing to take down specific posts inciting violence against the Rohingya people.

Westpac to bolster digital offering with MoneyBrilliant acquisition

When the acquisition deal is completed next month, Westpac plans to integrate MoneyBrilliant's technology into its digital banking app.

CSIRO and BCA identify ways businesses can overcome commercialisation barriers

A report and matrix has been published by CSIRO and BCA that inform of some of the barriers to commercialisation and offers strategies on how to overcome them.

YouTube says it receives millions of incorrect video copyright takedown requests

According to YouTube's inaugural Copyright Transparency report, over 60% of disputes arising from creators pushing back against removals resolved in favour of the uploader.

Samsung's mobile and consumer electronic divisions merge into one in exec reshuffle

The Galaxy-device maker's smartphone and TV divisions will now be run by a single CEO.

Australia to build data tool for tracking local workforce, skills, labour market needs

The demand for digital skills is widespread, but computing skills are what will become a major need, according to the government.

Hackers pretending to be Iranian govt use SMS messages to steal credit card info, create botnet

Hackers in Iran have been able to convince citizens to download malicious applications by claiming judicial complaints have been filed against them.

TPG lands Qantas on five-year deal

As Qantas upgrades its communications network, TPG Telecom has picked up a deal to handle fixed and mobile voice services.

Microsoft seizes domains used to attack 29 governments across Latin America, Caribbean, Europe

Microsoft said a group based in China named "Nickel" was using domains to attack government groups and NGOs.

Best gifts for hackers: Cybersecurity presents, secured

From hobbyist hackers and programmers to professionals, people will love our picks for tech gifts this holiday season.

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