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This is the new MacBook Air? I hear screams (of anger, as well as joy)

Renderings emerge of the supposed M2 MacBook Air. Some customers may be rendered insensate.

Google suddenly pushes a little-known Pixel feature and it's marvelous

Did you know your Pixel had this? Did you know any phone had this? Google now wants you to know about it.

Framework's modular laptop available to pre-order starting at $999

The latest attempt to offer a fully upgradeable notebook computer edges closer to the market, with a fully DIY version available from $749.

Artificial intelligence taking over DevOps functions, survey confirms

Latest GitLab survey finds one-year surge in automated aspects of DevOps. But is there a risk of over-automating?

Southwest Airlines keeps insulting me and I think I've had enough

You'd think that most big companies -- especially lovable ones -- had worked out how to use technology to their advantage. Not quite, it seems.

A useful Android privacy feature that most people have never heard of

Android has a useful hidden feature that the iPhone doesn't.

Best project management software 2021: Top apps and tools

Picking the right project management software requires a deep knowledge of your operation and its pain points. Here are our top picks for the best software for your in-person or remote team.

Brazilian software industry sees improvement as digitization accelerates

Suppliers saw revenue rising in 2020 and significant growth is expected for this year, according to IDC research.

Best heart rate monitor in 2021: Top health tech gadgets

It's more important than ever that we look after our health. Here are some of the best heart monitors and tech gadgets available in 2021.

Russian-language cybercriminal forum ‘XSS’ bans DarkSide and other ransomware groups

The move follows a number of disruptions to DarkSide’s operations in the last 24 hours.

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